Established in 2012 as the Professional Development Team of the Rhode Island Reds FC, the Rhode Island Reds is a Professionally run semi-professional adult soccer club dedicated to sportsmanship and the development of player skills,and committed to competition at the highest levels of amateur soccer.

The Rhode Island Reds are part of the Rhode Island Reds FC (NPSL) Player Development Program and are an integral piece of the Player Development Pyramid. This "Pyramid" creates a progressive developmental structure providing players the opportunity to move from introductory play, competitive play and elite youth program into professional academy formats (Reds Academy U15, U19) and professional development programs finally, onto a Professional team.

The Rhode Island Reds program believe in the Pyramid of Player Development. From the base of the pyramid, where one finds the greatest number of participants from the recreational player and beginning player, to the top of the pyramid, where we find our professional Development Team player - our program has the capacity to meet every player's goals…male or female. Our professional coaching staff is equipped to meet every player's developmental needs - from bottom to top. We follow a curriculum that is both age and ability based and allows the flexibility to accommodate those who are excelling as well as those who need additional help. Because of our soccer club's unique distinction as the first program to follow a professional soccer club model, one club, from youth recreational teams to our elite teams and Academy teams to the PDL, NPSL and WPSL's Rhode Island Reds FC (men and women). There is no other club in Rhode Island and Southern New England that is committed to player development from bottom to top.

To be the premier soccer club in the country for its excellence in developing the skills of college-bound players, current college players, and former college players who aspire to compete on a professional level.


The new logo, the emblematic modern Rhode Island Reds Shield, represents strength and, given the long history of the shields used in soccer, reflects Rhode Island Reds FC as a premier Soccer brand. The refreshed look and feel represents hard work the Reds has made to its performance on and off the field and reflects the Reds' commitment to offering players and fans the best experience and ensuring a level of respect, family, hope and positiveness to its Players, Fans, and Volunteers of all levels while still maintaining the symbolic Rhode Island State symbols.